Skid Control Course - drive safe whatever the weather
Worried about driving & skidding wet, icy or snowy roads?

Want a thrilling driving experience?

Then do a Skid Control course!

Our Skid Control courses combine learning advanced driving skills with the excitement of controlling a car that is skidding out of control.

Courses take place at the Ethiad Stadium, Manchester City FC.
"95% of road accidents involve a skid."
would you know what to do?

If you've been unfortunate enough to have lost control of your car or had an accident, then you may feel very apprehensive about driving, especially in bad weather.  This course will rebuild your confidence by teaching you the skills to regain control.
Experienced Instructors
We'll teach you all the essential steering and braking skills vital to controlling your car in adverse weather conditions on slippery roads.  You will quickly develop the instincts you need to control a skidding car and impress yourself with how much you progress you make.
All our events are professionally organised and the instructors have extensive experience, and will go at your pace.  We'll make sure you not only improve your driving, but have an enjoyable experience you'll be talking about for weeks.
A Unique Gift Idea
Car Control Skid Courses offer great value for money with Group sessions at £85 and 1:1 sessions for £125.  We supply Gift Vouchers that can be used as unusual and beneficial gifts for birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas.  They also make a great gift for newly qualified drivers who will gain valuable driving skills.